Weekly Workouts {9.12-9.18}

Weekly Workouts {9.12-9.18}

It’s Friday! Does anyone else thing of that song from a couple of years ago, “Friday”? It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Partying, partying, YEAH! Well obviously I do, so hopefully you guys do, too! Anyways… Here are my workouts from last week:

Friday ~ REST

Friday’s tend to always turn into rest days for me, but I have logic behind it. I typically do a long run on Saturday so I want to rest my legs beforehand. Well now that I’ve done my long run on Thursdays for the past two weeks, so I wanted to rest my legs after my long run! So, rest it was for me.

Saturday ~ The Schrolympics!

Phew man, I really didn’t think I was going to be that beat after our Olympics, but it turns out I was! When I got home that night, all I could think about was sprawling my legs out on the couch and going to bed early.

Sunday ~ 5 mile run

I had laid my clothes out the night to hopefully motivate me in the morning to run. Well it worked, and I got 5 great miles in. Follow that up with playing some tennis. Man if I thought my legs were tired before, it was confirmed. They were spent. Still it was encouraging knowing I was able to be so active on such tired legs.

Monday ~ Yoga

I really wanted to get a strength workout in, but (like I’ve mentioned above) my legs were still feeling pretty shot. So instead of pushing it, I decided to do an online yoga video. I love the Yoga By Candance videos, but I picked a way too advanced video for my practice. I’m talking, crow pose, forearm balances, and headstand. Welp, I just did downward dog during those poses and tried to make the best of it. Still, it felt great to stretch, listen to my body, and take it easy. (p.s isn’t my yoga mat cute?!)


Tuesday ~  3 mile run & 5 minute abs

Just a quick run around the hood before my day started. I then did my favorite 5 minute abs app afterwards. Guys, this is my attempt at strength training. I’m so guilty of ignoring strength, especially after a run. Here’s my thinking, “I just ran __ miles, that makes my legs stronger, my core has to be engaged, and pumping my arms is a workout in itself. OK! No need to strength train!!” If only. If only.

Wednesday ~ Tumbling class

Because I get asked “what is tumbling?” all.the.time. I’ll explain it here for you. It’s just the floor! I grew up doing gymnastics (beam, bars, vault, and floor), but once I got into 7th grade, I decided that I really just liked the floor the best and that’s all I wanted to do. I’d be going to gymnastics and the tumbling classes basically my whole life,  however, once I started high school, I didn’t have time to continuing tumbling. Well it dawned on me a couple months ago just how much I missed it, so I went back to my old gym! I took 5 years off but now I have all my old tricks back boo yaaa.

Thursday ~ 12 mile run

Woohoo my long run of the week! But that means my 1/2 is next weekend (gulp.). It was a really great run, although I got lost I think 3 times… I feel really good going into my race next weekend. It was a little slower than I wanted it to be, so that kind of bummed me out. But I always am reminding myself that the fact I am able to run is amazing, and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.


I really, really, really want to get some strength training in later today, but ahh we’ll see. Fingers crossed for me on that one guys : ) Hope you guys have a great day and weekend!


What are you doing tonight?!

How do you motivate yourself to strength train?



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