Weekly Workouts {9.19-9.25}

Weekly Workouts {9.19-9.25}

Woohoo one more day until the weekend:! Today I’m taking a half day at work, so I can drive down to Columbus and pick up my packet & go to the expo! I hope this day flies by, I CANNOT wait for my race ahhh!

Anyways here’s are my weekly workouts:

Friday ~ Rest

Remember how I said I wanted to get a strength training session in? Yupp it didn’t happen. Instead I ate two big bowls of Cheerios with honey on top. Enter homemade honey nut Cheerios. It’s magic guys, try it.

Saturday ~ 4.5 mile run with hill repeats

This is my first hill training for my race. Well better late than never. My run started out with a .5 mile warm-up, and then did .25 mile run up the hill and run back down for a total of .5 mile for every up & back down. Repeated five times for a total of 2.5 miles of hill work. Followed it up with a 1.5 mile cool down (gah it was a pretty morning) to round out the run. No wonder I haven’t done hill work. It’s hard, but so worth it.



Sunday ~ 6 mile run

Remember this is the morning I randomly woke up at 5:39 am? So, I decided to go for a run, naturally. I ended this work out with some random lunges and side to side shuffles. I don’t know it seemed like a good thing to do and is my lame excuse for strength training. Winning.


Monday~ 20 minute neighborhood walk (active rest)

My shins (mostly my left) were hurting me throughout the day at work, so I eighty sixed my planned run and decided to talk a walk around the neighborhood. Hehe isn’t my shadow funny?IMG_1563[1]

And naturally I took my puppy along with me!

The fact that I was feeling pain in my shins was making me really anxious and nervous for my race, and all it made me want to do was run! Oh the irony of it all.

Tuesday ~ STRENGTH !!

Yeah I kind of can’t believe it either, my strength workout finally happened! Which means since I did one today, I probably won’t for another two weeks or so. I wish I was joking, but I’m really not. Oops.

I did this Fired Up Squat Workout followed by a set of this Dumbbell Superset Workout (ps → follow me on Pinterest!) So many squats.

Wednesday ~ Tumbling class

Just like last week, and really every Wednesday to come, I had tumbling! Minimal shin pain YES! It was also a great class, and tons of fun, just like always.

Thursday ~ 3 mile run

My last run before my race!! Having taken 3 days off, my legs felt a little slugish, so I’m really glad I got one more run in before my race. All I could think about the whole time was, “OMG in two days it’ll be race day!” I feel like a kid in a candy store.


And that wraps it up guys! HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY and cross all your fingers & toes for me during my race tomorrow! Thanks : )


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