Mill Race 1/2 marathon recap

Mill Race 1/2 marathon recap

WOOHOO! I officially completed my 2nd half marathon on Saturday with a time of 2:01:55! Yes, I’m bummed I didn’t get sub-2 hour, BUT I shaved 3 minutes off of my first 1/2 so I’m obviously still really proud! And hello, I completed 13.1 miles, another obvious reason to be proud.


Mile 1: 9:29 mile

Just like any other run, I never really get in a groove until a couple miles in. At this point, I was enjoying the sunrise, everyone’s energy around me, and also thinking how excited I was to be doing this again!

Mile 2: 9:34 mile

OH. MY. GOSH. At exactly mile 1.5, we all got stopped by a train. This was certainly frustrating and everyone around me was full of groans and annoyance. I think we had to wait an extra minute (it could have been worse) but it just was aggravating! You know we had just started running and I was still trying to find my groove, so this did not help me. And then since we were all waiting around, it was so congested once we started running again. Another ugh moment. I was so happy to be done with this mile.

Mile 3: 9:25 mile

As we were crossing the 5K timing mats, the elites were on the other side of the road crossing the 10K mats. A lot of us around that point started cheering and clapping for them, because it’s so amazing! It’s unbelievable how fast and talented those men and women are.

Mile 4: 9:18 mile

I ate my first Clif ShotBlok (Black Cherry) because I wanted to fuel every 4 miles. I didn’t feel like I needed one now, but I figured if I waited until I “needed” one, then it would be too late. I also was thinking about how I was (basically) 33% of the way done woo! And yes, I run with chapstick because my lips get so chapped.


Mile 5: 9:12 mile

I started chatting up a random women on the course since I tend to get a little friendly and cheerful when I run. I’m glad I did, she was super nice! Other than that, this was a pretty unmemorable mile. However, this is also the first time I saw my brother and my mom, which was exciting! Look at this ridiculous sign that my brother made for me! He put it on a skinny wooden board, so he could hoist it high over his head for all to see. (Palm to forehead.) It made me laugh though, which ultimately made me happy.


Mile 6: 9:18 mile

We had just turned left onto what I think was a state highway, so it was just a straight, seemingly never-ending road. We also passed a bakery, and while I love donuts, the overwhelmingly sweet smell made me a little sick to my stomach. Boring time in the run, not going to lie.

Mile 7: 9:07 mile

Blah, more straightaways, no greenery, very unmemorable. I actually missed the 7-mile marker (I don’t know how) but I was so happy when I saw the runners ahead of me turning left!

Mile 8: 9:10 mile

Second ShotBlok time! Since I had missed the 7-mile marker seeing 8 was very exciting! We were finally back with some trees, grass, and other greenery around, which made things more enjoyable to look at.

Mile 9: 9:08 mile

I actually ran into a “friend” I made at the starting line (we had never met before this point) which was a nice surprise. We chatted for about .5 mile before I ended up taking off ahead of him. Right at the 9.5 mile marker, was the split between 1/2 and full marathon. I was so happy to be on my side of the road : ) One cool thing about the marathon though, is that they get to run on the airport tarmac! How neat would that be?

Mile 10: 9:10 mile

This is when I put my headphones in for the first time, and looking back, I wished I would have waited a little bit longer or even just left them out completely. I don’t know they just kind of were being a nuisance and it was fun to hear the crowd and their cheers. At this point though, I keep thinking how I only have a 5K left, which made things much more bearable! (There was a really funny sign I saw earlier that said, “It’s only a 5K with a 10 mile warm-up!” That’s another thing I was thinking about at this point haha.)

Mile 11: 8:50 mile

I had told my mom and brother that I would want them around this point, since this is when I tend to start dragging and it certainly helped. Funny story, my mom tried to start talking a video of me, but she had the main screen of the phone pointed towards me, so the camera lens was facing her! Very technologically challenged.

Mile 12: 8:40 mile

I was seriously really ready to be finished at this point! But to my complete surprise, my dad was walking down the sidewalk! I saw him first, so I yelled his name out and it was seriously the best pick me up ever. But honestly, after those initial 5 seconds of seeing him and running past him, I already forgot and remembered that I couldn’t feel my legs and was ready to be finished. Haha sorry dad.

FINISH LINE: 2:01:55! Average pace of 9:13

First thought ~ YEAH I DID IT! YOU GO LEN!

Second thought ~ Water. Now.

Third thought ~ I’m not sure I can feel my legs.

Fourth thought ~ When can I do that again? : )


Overall, this was a great course! Flat, shaded, and very pretty. The City of Columbus is so cute too, and the crowd support was great.

Also, the medals & shirts were very cool, a total plus.


I absolutely would love to sign up for this race again next year. Thanks for the miles Mill Race!


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