What I do the day before a long run!

What I do the day before a long run!

Alternate title: Proven list of facts that you should the day before your long run!! (Just kidding. Kind of.) I know everyone has a different way of going about things but I’m telling ya, these are the ways to have the best run ever! I know we’ve all been through bad runs (UGH, but also kinda necessary) and great runs! I like to use each one of those experiences has a learning opportunity to make improvements and to learn from my mistakes and successes to become the best runner I can be. Hope some of these help you guys : )

Sit as much as possible ~ I KNOW it’s so terrible to be sitting all day and I totally hate being sedentary at work and school, but the day before a long run is my one exception day. I like resting my legs as much as possible, because I know I’m about to be running on them for 2 hours, if not more. So do it! Sit all day and enjoy it.

Charge everything ~ So, so important! I really struggle with running sans technology (actually I don’t know the last time I didn’t use it whoops) so this is huge for me! For me, and most I’m assuming, iPod and Garmin, well in my case my Timex are plugged in and charged to 100% for the next day.


Make your breakfast ~ I always like to make my breakfast the night before, so all I have to do in the morning is go to the kitchen and bring it back upstairs with me. Then I can sit on the ground, eat, and get changed. And also try and remember why I got up this early.

Lay all of your clothes out ~ Another HUGE time savior, and it makes life so easy. I lay everything, I mean everything, out the night before. Shoes, socks, pants, heart rate monitor, strap, & watch, sports bra, shirt, iPod, and my running watch (I think that’s it…) Like I said above, I literally sit on the floor with my food next to me, and start to put everything on. Oh and naturally I don’t turn any lights on so this takes the guess work out of what I’m actually putting on.


Eat as many carbs as possible ~ I’ll be honest. I think carb-loading might be a hoax, but Google tells me it’s not so I’ll believe it! I usually like to have oatmeal for breakfast, include a sweet potato with lunch & dinner, and then have rice or quinoa with my dinner, too. Yes, I know pasta is a great option, but it doesn’t really settle well with me, especially the next morning, so I tend to avoid that hehe if you know what I’m getting at. (That dog food looking mush is rice and bean casserole.)


Drink as much water as possible ~ This I have no doubts about being a hoax. One of the top 3 worst runs I’ve ever had was while training for this race, and it’s because I was dehydrated. I even drank out of someone’s sprinklers that were going in their yard I was so desperate! I could immediately feel in my throat as I started my run that I was thirsty. And you know what they say, “If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!” Since then, I aim to drink 4-5 bottles of my 33 ounce water bottle. Oh, and I keep a glass by my bedside, so when I wake up, I immediately chug that, too. Like I said guys, this stuff is clearly proven.


Refresh your playlist ~ I love, love, love, getting new music for long runs and I see it as a little treat to myself! Nothing like some new music to put a little pep in my step.

Visualize my route over, and over, and over again ~ I like to plan my routes out way early in the week so I can get in zone mentally for it. Then the night before, I basically study the dang thing. I’ll actually close my eyes and picture myself running the route and I think about the emotions I might feel during that part of the run. Seriously try visualizing guys! It’s such a positive and uplifting experience. Ok hippie rant over : )

Tell someone my route in case of an emergency ~ This isn’t meant to freak anyone out, but I always make sure to tell someone my route, the time I’m leaving, and when they can expect me back since I don’t take my phone with me on runs. It’s just something I’ve never done, so I can’t imagine starting now. And since I always have my route mapped out, I usually leave my computer out, so whoever can have an exact idea of where I’ll be. But most of the times I’m getting home as someone is waking up : )

I hope you guys found some of these tips helpful and maybe use 1 or 2 the next time you have a long run! Talk to you later, bye!


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