Weekly Workouts {10.3–10.9}

Weekly Workouts {10.3–10.9}

 Introductions are hard to think of sometimes, so today we’re just jumping into it! Here’s the recap for the past week:

Friday ~ Rest

In my head Saturdays are long run days (even when I’m not training) so naturally, Friday becomes a rest day. However, I would like to start incorporating yoga on these days. Yeeeah. We’ll see if I actually follow through with that.

Saturday ~ 8 mile run @ 9:05 pace

Honestly I don’t remember much about this run haha. I do remember having to wear gloves & tights for the first time this season which is a major bummer. I’m naturally an early riser, and I had this run finished by 8, which is just an awesome feeling for the rest of the day.


Sunday ~ 6 mile run @ 8:41 pace

Football Sundays = sitting and delicious food around these part. Thus, I wanted to workout prior to the Colts game! We were meeting over at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, so I just decided to run over! I only had to run sans-sidewalk (not counting neighborhoods) for two quick patches, which made it perfect. My brother was driving over, so I put a chance of clothes in his car and just changed once I got to their house.



Mile 1: 8:48 Mile 2: 8:22 Mile 3: 8:33 Mile 4: 8:37 Mile 5: 8:38 Mile 6: 8:32

Monday ~ Rest

Rainy, cold, windy, gross. Hello Netflix and couch for the night.

Tuesday ~ Full Body Blast

Determined to strength train, I turned to Pinterest. When in doubt, I always turn to my Pinterest board for inspiration. I completed this strength workout!

(Ok deadlifts, you win this round since you successfully smoked my booty and hamstrings.)

Wednesday ~ 4.5 mile run @ 8:57 pace

So. According to the weather man, this was going to be the nicest day of the week. High 60’s and completely sunny. Almost mid-October, that rarely happens here in Indianapolis. I asked my mother & brother if they would want to play tennis after work, and they said yes (the night before). I got home, Drew (my brother) wasn’t home, and my mother was walking out of her room with sweats, a sweatshirt, and a book. No tennis tonight apparently! Enter the 4.5 mile run! Gorgeous night, and I’m glad I didn’t let the tennis party poopers keep me down.

Mile 1: 8:38 Mile 2: 8:58 Mile 3: 9:03 Mile 4: 8:59 1/2: 8:48

Negative splits? What are those?? : )

Thursday ~ Abs & HIIT

You know I really wasn’t feeling a workout this morning, so I just told myself to go for 5 minutes and I’d go from there. Luckily 5 turned into 30! Do you guys do tabatas? I like to do them with 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. Before I know it the 4 minutes are up! Just what I needed this morning. Here’s what my workout looked like after a 5 minute ab warm-up and cool down:

20 minute hiit


I’m taking today as a rest day, since I’m running in a 10K tomorrow! Hope you guys have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you later!


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