The 10K that never happened recap

The 10K that never happened recap

Welp. Here’s a first for me.

I ditched my race.


I blame it on a number of factors:

1. The weather. Rainy and cold. Like cold because it’s raining, you know what I mean? I think because I’ve been spoiled with sunny racing weather, this really just brought me down. Ok it kind of looks like the sun is going to come out. BUT IT’S NOT. Gray gray and more gray.


2. This would be the 3rd weekend in a row I would have had a race. I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. Oh right, because it was February when I signed up and I was miserably antsy for spring weather.

3. I only spent $17 on my entry fee, since it’s a small, local race. Also, it’s going to a good cause (deaf children).

4. The race started at 9:30. That was too much time for me to contemplate skipping. Had it been 7:30 or 8? My brain wouldn’t have even thought about skipping.

5. My bed is comfortable as shit. Does breakfast in bed ever get old?


And there you have it! I can officially add “race skipper” to my title! Ellen Rae “Race Skipper” Schroeder.


Never mind.

I shouldn’t be proud of this. Is this wrong that I feel like a badass a little bit for ditching…?

OH WELL. Life will move on.

I do feel guilty that I’ll probably end up running this morning anyways, so like why didn’t I just go to my damn race?

OH WELL. Refer to #5 up above.

How could I leave once my doggy joined me?

FullSizeRender (2)


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