Day in Ellen’s life I

Hey guys! Here’s a glimpse into my life on the days that I go into work!

5:06 – woke up because I have been having neck pain from sleeping. The pain woke me up, boo.

5:40 – roll out of bed, and go downstairs for some coffee.

6:14 – get dressed for work, put my make up and do my hair.

6:36 – make and drink my smoothie while I pack everything up for my day


7:00 – drive downtown to work

7:36 – arrive at school, (I already pay for my parking pass there. Downtown parking is expensive so I might as well use this thing!) and begin my walk to work

8:01 – arrive at work, unpack everything, and catch up on what I missed Tuesday (I only work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and go to school Tuesday and Thursdays). Here’s a hilarious email for you.


10:06 – decide I need a snack


12:20 – time for lunch at my desk! sorry, too hungry to take a picture aka I just forgot.

2:45 –  left work & walk back to campus (approximately a 1.2 mile walk)

3:10 – hop in the car and drive home yay

3:45 – arrive home, change into workout clothes and get my sweat on

5:00 – head back out to door to out to dinner for my mom’s & aunt’s birthday dinner. then this happened…


7:36 – get home, and take the dog for a walk


9:00 – take a shower, and get into bed with my journal and a book

10:32 – lights out. goodnight.

Have a kick ass day!


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