Weekly Workouts {4/25–5/1}

This week was a good mixture of strength and cardio. I tend to get stuck in running/cardio only ruts, so have two strength days is a major win in my book (for me!). Let’s get to it!

Saturday: 10 mile run ~ 8:49 pace

Sunday: 5 mile hike

Monday: 35 minute circuit

  • Ran .3 uphill miles
  • 20 jump lunge, to jump squat, to jump lunge, 16 tricep dips, 10 single leg side squats each leg, 12 down dog push-ups
  • Jump rope tabatas

So the entire circuit looked like this >> ran, strength circuit, jump rope, (went through it 3 more times) then finished with a run

Tuesday: (lame) 3 mile run

Wednesday: 25 minute sprint countdown circuit

  • 5 sprints (down & back the length of a tennis court = 1), then 4 sprints, then 3 sprints…
  • Walking lunges (to the net on the tennis court & back)
  • 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 single leg squats (each side)

Thursday: 3 mile walk

Friday: REST

My friend texted me earlier in the week (Wednesday I think?) and asked if I wanted to run the Mini Marathon on Saturday. Of course I said yes, so that’s what I have going this weekend.

Have a great rest of the day and weekend, bye!


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