Day in Ellen’s Life II

Here’s what my life looks like on days that I have class! Aka my schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is what day looked like last Thursday.

5:00 – alarm goes off because I have an exam to study for. this is usually not the case though.


7:37 – eat breakfast. I was craving dinner food, so I rolled with it.


8:03 – left my house to drive to campus.

8:39 – arrive at campus, and head to my first class.

9:15 – my professor let us out of class after 15 minutes. no complaints here. I headed to the library to get some studying in.

10:10 – left the library and headed to take my stats exam.

11:45 – finished my exam, and then  went off to my accounting class

12:00 – my accounting class begins aka the most terrible, awful class ever.

1:21 – back to the library with a friend to work on some homework.

2:45 – yay finally leave school, and drive to Dunkin’ Donuts. iced coffee was needed after my day.

3:34 – get to my dad’s house, and head out to take a walk.


They were trying to keep me out.


I didn’t let them hold me back.


4:35 – finished my walk, ate a hard boiled egg, and hung out with my brother for a while

5:13 – left my dad’s and drove home.

5:36 – got home, unpacked my stuff, and went upstairs to change.

6:03 – starting painting my nails and writing up this post. here are my naked nails in need of paint.


6:13 – realize I am really hungry so I decide to start dinner.

6:53 – sit down and eat. sweet potato, hummus toast, chicken with Caesar dressing, broccoli & green beans with hot sauce. random, but oh so good.


7:32 – take my doggy for a walk.


7:56 – get home from our walk, and finish prepping food for tomorrow.

8:07 –  continue typing this post and painting my nails. it was necessary after my nail fail.


8:43 – start getting ready for bed.

9:25 – get into bed with my journal and read some of my current book.


10:15 – lights out, goodnight!


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