Shenanigans from my weekend

Shenanigans from my weekend

Good morning! Happy Tuesday. Coming at ya one day late here. How was your weekend? I love that it is finally getting and staying warm and sunny! That means lots of walks, playing tennis, sitting on the patio, running, oh how the list could just go on. Well, I had a fantastic Saturday and a mostly good Sunday (except for a chunk of time where I had to study and take a final).


Knowing I was racing (and getting up at an ungodly early time), I kept things simple and stayed in. Hockey playoffs and reading kept me preoccupied.


My morning started bright and early with an alarm going off at 4:45. Here’s my breakfast, because I know you want to know:


(oatmeal with a banana, hard boiled egg, and an iced coffee.)

I left the house at 6 and headed to my friend’s house to meet up before the race.

Then I ran! OneAmerica 500 Festival Recap HERE!!

Here we are all post race:


The rest of the day was spent resting, eating, watching tv, eating, and going to bed at 9:15.


I woke up at a leisurely 8 am… almost 11 hours of sleep!

I treated myself to pancakes : ) and lots of coffee! Yummy.

Sadly I had my accounting final today from 4-6 (like please pick a worse time to have a final, especially on a SUNDAY! side note- this is my third semester in a row with a final on a Sunday), so much of my day was spent studying. YUCK.

Welp. I’m here to report the test was hard. But I am so happy that I never, ever, never have to look at an accounting book again. Understatement: I loathed my accounting classes.

That’s all I have for you guys for now. Make today great!


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