What I ate Wednesday ~ 5/5/15

Happy happy Wednesday! Getting to Wednesday is such a huge mental hurdle for me.

Ok, the real reason you’re here, the food. I don’t blame you. Here’s what I ate yesterday.


I started with a cup of coffee.


Followed by a smoothie and another cup of coffee. Enjoyed outside obviously.


Lunch was a piece of hummus toast, blackberries, and a veggie burger. Quick, easy and delish, because I really hungry and needed food now.


I also ate this Cutie, but remembered to take a picture once I was almost finished.


After I took my online final, I rewarded myself with an orange popsicle.


I also ate an hard boiled egg after the popsicle to hold me over until dinner.

Considering yesterday was Cinco de Mayo (best excuse for Mexican food EVER) we had burrito bowls for dinner.

Rice, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa verde, and guacamole. Yummmm.

Except sorry all I got was the guacamole.


And there you have it! A day of my eats.


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