What I ate Wednesday – 5/13/15

Here’s a look back at what I enjoyed yesterday!


First obligatory cup of coffee.


Second obligatory cup of coffee plus a smoothie and an (unpictured) hard boiled egg.


Lunch #1:

Lunch took place about an hour after I finished running so I was craving random food and carb-y food.

Piece of toast, sweet potato & peanut butter on one half, and sausage sandwich.

I hate myself for typing sausage sandwich.


Lunch #2:

I guess I was extra hungry so I had second lunch around 2:30.

It consisted of a sweet potato, chicken and chex mix.

This was followed up with a bowl of popcorn and my iPad. Note: I did not eat the iPad.



This meal was super random.

I had a chicken caesar salad.

FullSizeRender (5)

Along with (unpictured) oats topped with a banana and some peanut butter. Also, an unpictured piece of toast.

There ya have it folks!


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