Hill repeats and teepees

Hill repeats and teepees

Quiz of the day: when was the last time I did hill repeats?

Well the embarrassing answer to that question…. September!


They’re not my favorite part of training, but I know they will make me faster. That’s what I kept telling myself each time I went up : )

Here is my hill. It doesn’t look bad, but I can testify that yes, it was steep. I did 4 repeats (~.25 mile) then I walked a little up the hill and did another 4 repeats (~.15 mile).


Post repeats I decided to venture off onto the trail.


Not too shabby.

I’ve been on the paved part of this trail lots of times, but never saw this side extension until today!

Look what I found a little ways in.


Hahaha I actually thought the animals built it when I first saw it.

I swear Lulu knows when I want her to look at a camera, because she refuses.



Tomorrow is Friday! Like you needed me to tell you that.

Have a great night!


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