Geist Half Marathon Recap

Good morning! I’m not going to lie, I am in a pretty good mood this morning, because this is my last Monday of work! I haven’t talked about it really at all, but I leaving my job as a legal assistant and I am very excited and very ready to move on.

Anyways, the real reason you’re here, for the recap!

I had initially signed up for the inaugural 10k, but was kind of thinking about moving up to the half. It really was depending on what the weather was going to be and how much it was going to cost to move up. Well, the weather was going to be shaky regardless so that didn’t sway me much. When I was at the expo and asked how much it would be to move up, the kind woman told me she’d do it for free! She said that since so many people had already downgraded from the half to the 10k, she would happily upgrade me! I was so so appreciative for her to do that for me, it really was kind.


So half marathon it was! This race last year was actually the first half marathon I had ever run! Ahh how far I have come with my running.

Moving on. My alarm went off at 4:30 am. I hate feeling rushed on race morning, so I tend to get up way earlier than I need to. I left the house at 6:00 and went to my dad’s house, since he lives 5 minutes from the start line. My dad and stepmom dropped me off at 6:40 and I was in the corrals at 6:45. Boom easy peasy.

The official start time was 7:04 so I wasn’t waiting around for too long

Since I had signed up for the half, at the very last minute, I told myself to take it slow, slow, slow. If I was over 2 hours that was ok. And more importantly, I told myself just to have fun!!

I started out behind two older women and was having them pace me for a while. I eventually went ahead of them, because I felt really good. This course also is not a flat course, so considering I felt good on the hills was very exciting for me : )

I literally couldn’t believe it when we passed mile marker 4! Like miles 1-3 just flew. Then all of a sudden, bam it was mile marker 6. My mental hurdle in this race was to get to mile 8 and then all I had to do was race 5 miles. I also meant to take my gel chew at mile 8, but forgot (I’ve never forgotten to eat like what), so I ate my chew at mile 9 instead.

The last 5k of the race was hilly hilly hilly. I still felt really good though so I continued to push my pace and actually thought I might PR…

Alas I didn’t but I was seriously so proud of my time! 1:55:18. This is 9 minutes faster than my time last year!

Overall it was a GREAT race. My mindset going into the race was 100% the way I need to approach every race. No pressure, no expectations, just trying to have fun! The course support with volunteers was unbelievable, I can’t begin to thank everyone who came out to help us! I’m definitely going to be back for my third time next year!


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