Everything I have done today aka me talking about eating

Everything I have done today aka me talking about eating

Happy Saturday! I love Saturdays.

I had a great run this morning! The only thing not great about my run was the time I started running at 5:30 am. Gotta love trying to beat the humidity. I ran negative splits for the whole run and am seriously pumped about my splits. 12 miles, check.

I then proceeded to eat half of the house because I was hungry.

The three of us went to the pool for a while, before my brother bailed on us, “because it was too hot out”. Hello, that’s what the pool is for! Get in you fool.

I proceeded to eat some more once I got home. I made the wise decision of pizza for dinner in the midst of me eating more food, so then I made the crust. It is currently rising outside in the heat.

My best friend called me from camp (she’s a counselor in Pennsylvania), and it’s the first time we’ve talked since she left!

I also multitasked (sorry Nat) and painted my toenails and fingernails while I was on the phone. Black fingernails and hot pink toenails.

Like I said, sorry Nat.

I’m also thinking a nap sounds really nice, but it’s 5:15 pm so that doesn’t seem smart for my sleep cycle tonight… And I want to eat dinner.

Food > sleep. For right now.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe rest of the day tonight!


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