Monday makes me random

Monday, Monday, Monday. Actually I’m pumped about today, because of the weather delay in Scotland, The Open is on today! I know what I’m doing all day…

How was your weekend? Holy hell was it hot here. Between the humidity and the actual heat, it felt like you could cut the air with a knife it was so thick.

Because of said humidity and heat, I started my run at 5:15 on Saturday morning. Woof.

My day actually started on a productive note because of golf. I usually sit on my porch with breakfast and coffee until 10:30-11 and then workout around 11:30-12. But I didn’t want to miss the tee times this morning so I got my workout in way earlier than usual! Go Len.

I did 5 rounds of tabatas that focused my legs. Sumo squats with alternating leg raises, single leg squats, side lunges, reverse lunge, and squats. Followed with some ab work. Short and sweet but highly effective. My buns can attest to that.


I also started a load of laundry!

Okay so this post was all over the place. But why are you reading if you expected something else?

Apparently I’m sassy on Mondays.

Ok. Bye now.


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