Running rambles and sippin’ smoothies

Running rambles and sippin’ smoothies

Happy Thursday! I’ve always liked Thursdays, because you’re just so close to the weekend. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I had a quite lovely, but quite hot 5 mile run this morning. I did an out and back run today, which happens to be my least favorite type of run.

Here’s my ranking of types of runs: 1. Loop 2. Point-to-point 3. Out and back 4. Track workouts

I know #4 doesn’t really fit into what I was talking about, but I just wanted to make it clear that I loathe track workouts. Who wants to run 50 laps around a track? While running fast and feeling like your lungs are on fire and exploding?!


I’ve been on a smoothie kick since it’s so hot & humid out! I had a blueberry banana one for breakfast and then I had a strawberry smoothie after my run. Except I put chocolate protein powder in it for some (obviously) protein, and it was disgusting. I don’t like chocolate covered strawberries so I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. But I didn’t want to waste, so I drank it anyways. I’m still mad about how gross it was.

Note to self. Don’t do that again.


Anyways, I’m off to do some cleaning and cooking. Make it a great day!


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