Labor day weekend round up

Although Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week, officially starting this short week off on a Tuesday makes it not so bad!


Whew. I felt like I was go go go all day Friday. It started off early with a 5 am 13 mile training run. After the run, I treated myself (like I do after every run…) to a gas station Diet Coke! The thought of Diet Coke got me through the last few miles haha.

After a quick shower and smoothie, I headed to the library, the drug store and then to the bank. While I was out, I got a call from a friend asking if I could go pick them up from the car dealership and take them back to their house.

Shortly after getting home from that, I had to take my dog to an appointment. So much driving!

Later on at night, the three of us met my aunt & uncle for a baseball game downtown! We ended up leaving during the 4th inning, because we thought it was going to start raining (again), and didn’t want to get wet all over again. All in all, it was fun to just hang out do something a little different.


I also started my Saturday morning with a 5 mile run, because if I don’t run on a Saturday then what is life?!

Then my mom and I took off for downtown again to meet up with my aunts (again!) for doughnuts and breakfast. We started with doughnuts and coffee and then went to a chicken and waffles restaurant. The doughnuts were just okay (they were vegan so I don’t know if that’s why I wasn’t crazy about them), but the chicken and waffles were awesome.

On our way home, we ran to Jo Ann’s and CVS for some quick pick ups. Once arriving home, I immediately took off for my best friends house who was home for labor day! I didn’t stay too long, because I had to get home to work on some homework. Bleh.

I made it up to myself with pizza for dinner and hanging out with some friends.


More errands! This time it was Kroger and to Goodwill.

It was such a beautiful day around here though, so we went down to the neighborhood pool as soon as we got home! It was so sunny out and just perfect.

We had a nice family dinner and then I went to my best friends house to hang out.


I don’t remember ever having as lazy of a day as I did yesterday!

I read in bed for 2 hours when I woke up, worked on a friends birthday present, gave him said present, watched tennis, and read some more! Highly unproductive and a highly lazy day.

Some days it just needs to happen!

I hope you guys also had a great 3 day weekend!


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