When working out starts to feel like a chore

Why do you work out?

To stay in shape? To release emotions? Maybe you genuinely love it!

Mine is a mix of all three of those items above. I do it to stay in shape, it releases all of my angry emotions, and I really do genuinely love pushing myself and exerting my body to its max.

But what happens when it starts to feel like something you haaaave to do? Don’t get me wrong. I know I should workout to stay healthy and in shape. I’m talking about forcing yourself when there is literally anything and everything else in the world that you would rather be doing than working out. When you’re not working out for the right reasons anymore, you know?

Because I am currently in one of those “forcing myself, hate it, feels like a chore” workout slump right now. And it’s really discouraging.

When something like this happens (it usually happens 2-3 times a year), I always step back and focus on walking for my form of movement.

However, I feel stuck right now because of my marathon. I don’t think nor do I want to take any time off from running and working out. I’m literally petrified of losing my fitness, stamina, and endurance.

And the thing is, it’s not just running that I feel burned out from, it’s everything. Circuits, hill repeats, sprints, lifting, tabatas, jump rope, strength training, like every way I normally work out is just not fun right now.

I have a theory, and I’m blaming it on the heat. It is just so much more physically exerting (and not in a good way) to work out in the heat than during cooler months. I reflected on my past 2 summers of working out, and realized that almost every summer I completely cut out running and really scale back my workouts. But I feel like I can’t do that because of the marathon!!!

So currently I am just trying to force myself through runs and scaling back on the “extra curricular” workouts. I am constantly reminding myself why I love to run. I am refreshing playlists. I am trying so so so hard to feel excited and not burned out for my race.

Lucky it is supposed to cool down this week so here’s hoping that I feel back to my old self!!!


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