Day in Ellen’s life III

Day in Ellen’s life III

Good morning, good morning! Here’s a peak into what my day looked like yesterday. Pretty low key and uneventful!

6:55 am – alarm goes off but I lay around in bed and catch up on social media and missed notifications

7:10 am – get changed and head out the door for my run

7:55 am – get back home from running, do some ab work, and then take a shower

8:37 am – make a blueberry banana smoothie and a coffee while catching up on other blog posts

9:06 am – head back upstairs to get changed for class

9:33 am – put together some food to take with me to class

9:42 am – start my drive downtown

10:24 am – get parked and make my way to the library

10:31 – sit down at a computer and work on some Chicago Marathon stuff and some homework

12:00 pm – stats class begins (yuck)

1:30 pm – make my way back to the library for more Chicago Marathon. I’m trying to simplify the public transportation system for my family, but I know nothing about it!

1:33 pm – eat my lunch which consisted of a peanut butter sandwich and a homemade banana, oat, peanut butter, & chocolate granola bar

3:00 pm – back to class… This time it’s a career developmental class

4:30 pm – yay head home! Except traffic sucked trying to leave campus, there was a stalled vehicle in the middle of the interstate which was backing everything up!

5:09 pm – finally meet my mom at the car service place and pick her up and drive us home

5:33 pm – arrive home, get the mail, let my dog out, and make me a decaf vanilla latte

5:54 pm – start dinner! We had turkey sausage and mashed potatoes with gravy

6:51 pm – dinnertime! I actually had leftover chicken tortilla soup and sweet potato fries.

7: 22 pm – MORE CHICAGO TRANSIT WORK. Literally my head hurts.

7:46 pm – I decided I needed a treat after all of that hard work, so I ate a rice cake with peanut butter and chocolate chips

7:48 pm – starting watching a DVR’d college volleyball match

9:23 pm – head upstairs to get ready for bed

10:01 pm – get sucked into reality television

10:36 pm – lights out. Goodnight!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! Hahaha wait sidebar… I just spelled Wednesday wrong, and one of the spelling suggestions for me was Doomsday! Seriously, auto correct kills me.


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