Friday Favorites 10/9/15

Friday Favorites 10/9/15

Happy Friday to you! I am freaking pumped, because as you read this, I am currently on the way/in Chicago for the CHICAGO MARATHON! So without further hesitation, because I am literally so excited for this weekend, here are my favorites from the week!

THE CHICAGO MARATHON: Duh! The race is on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that I am waiting until then to be freakishly excited for it! Actually, I’ve had a countdown going for the past 4 weeks because I am so pumped. Well and also really terrified… But mostly excited!

Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup:

Let’s get one thing straight. I know that there is Splenda in this magic and that it has artificial crap in it. Alas, this is one of the battles that I am choosing not to fight, because it is amazing. I have been using it to make the best lattes instead of my usual coffee in the mornings. Oh and it’s great in my iced coffees, too. When I first got it last week, I was on a 3 a day coffee or iced coffee habit, but am now down to *only* two or one a day. I’m counting that as progress! I’m hoping that the more it sits around the less and less I will want to use it, and I’ll be back to my one cup a day habit. I’m not holding my breath though haha.

Cooler weather: 

I have finally admitted to myself that I would rather run in cold weather versus hot weather, which is something I thought I would never say out loud. Finally having some cooler 40 and 50 degree mornings and evenings for runs and walks has been refreshing. This doesn’t mean that I am excited for fall or winter, because I am a spring and summer girl through and through. Is there a city that is 40-50’s in the morning and then like 70-80 during the day, but still experiences a mild change in the seasons? I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

Drag Me Down & Infinity: I have no shame in admitting that I am a total One Direction fan girl. Here’s my rationale: I was 17 when they came out with their first single. Since that is a perfectly acceptable age to love them, it is still perfectly acceptable for me to love them now. They have released two singles off of their new album, Made in the AM (which comes out November 13!!) and have been obsessively listening to them on repeat. No shame : )



Ok, thanks. Have a great weekend  : )


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