Weekend recap round up

Weekend recap round up

Well good morning. Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend


My dog was whining and barking like the annoying like shit she is (mostly kidding, she was just hyper) so we went for a walk. You can’t really tell in this picture, but I have on my Uggs which I so wish were still acceptable to wear past the age of 14. #RIP. Also necessary was my green tea.


Here she is trying to get as far away from me as possible.


I spent a good majority of my Friday sitting at a Starbucks working on blog work, school work, and some job work. It was such a nice day outside so it was a little painful to have to sit inside and work but what the hell do you expect? Shit won’t get done by itself haha.

The three of us (okay mostly me) ended up watching the new Cinderella that night! I might be biased because Cinderella is my favorite princess, but I loved the movie. The other two did agree that it was “cute” and “good” Bed followed shorty after that.


I had my first post marathon run! I love October running so so much. I did a 50 minute run without my Garmin on, so I have no clue what my pace or distance was. I’m guessing around 5 miles though.


I then headed to my dad and stepmom’s house so we could drive down to IU for some football tailgating! Glorious weather, jello shots, family and friends, great food and beer… what more could I ask for? I also got to see some of one of best friends who goes to school there! All in all it was a fun day spent with fun people.


I was pretty tired when we got home, but was determined for one thing. Frozen yogurt.

This is vanilla, coconut, and cake batter with one walnut on top eaten in bed of course.


Except it was too much and I felt sick afterwards whoops. I fell asleep shortly after that.


I knew I wanted to get another run in, but getting out of my warm bed was no small feat.

Eventually I did get another Garmin-less run in! It was 70 minutes and I’m guessing around 7 miles.

The rest of normal Sunday activities happened consisting of errands, homework, making chili and watching football and checking fantasy all day.

All leading up to the Colts Patriots game! It’s been a nervous and anxious day around these parts, but sadly the Colts lost : (

I hope you guys had a nice weekend, too! Make it a great day.


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