Post Chicago Marathon thoughts + plans

Post Chicago Marathon thoughts + plans

Post Chicago Marathon thoughts:

About an hour after the race, my aunt asked me if I had any regrets. YES —> not putting my name on my shirt! That was my instant response and am glad that was my biggest “issue”.

Would I do anything different in my training though? Honestly, I probably should have added a day of running (I ran 3 times a week) or maybe followed a training plan a little closer. The thing with adding in another day of running (or really any workout) is then it starts to feel like a chore for me. It feels like something I have to do rather than something I want to do. Yes, running is my favorite type of workout, but no that doesn’t mean I want to do it every fucking day.

I was really scared that there was going to be a “what’s next” feeling. Or like I was going to feel disappointed because I had accomplished my goal but wanted more. I’m happy to announce that neither of those are the case! I think honestly it’s because now I can do something else besides marathon training! I can do a leg heavy workout on Thursday or Friday without fear of being sore for Saturday morning. If I don’t want to do cardio at all, I don’t have to. It’s liberating really; I feel like I have so much more freedom now.


I told myself that if I didn’t want to run, then I didn’t have to. Here’s the thing though, I want to run. October and November have the best running weather and I hate missing out on it. This type of weather just makes me want to run. So yes running is still going to be in apart of my weekly workouts.

However, when I was really in the heart of training during the 70-80 degree weather, I had to tell myself anything to get me running. And considering how much I didn’t want to be running in the heat, I decided to go 180 of cardio, and bribe myself with strength. If I could get through marathon training, then I could focus on getting stronger after it was done.

So as of right now, that is the plan. I want to start focusing my workouts around dumbbells, barbells, plates, kettle bells, etc. etc. I want to get stronger, because strength training slowed down this summer, and then essentially stopped during the taper. I want to see definition again in my arms. Haha I mean holy shit I feel scrawny and flappy because I really haven’t worked out my arms in probably 2 months?

I was looking at various online programs and schedules and realized that is not what I want to do. I hate following training plans. That shit just doesn’t work for me, because then it starts to feel like something I have to do rather than something I want to do.

The only “plan” I have going into this is that I want to have a leg day, an arm & shoulder day, and a chest & back day. With some running in there and ab work whenever the hell I feel like it. Which would be never, so I should add that to some of my “days” I guess…

AHHH now I’m not sure. Maybe my “plan” won’t have “days” because then that feels limiting?!


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