These are my confessions… you know like the Usher song?

These are my confessions… you know like the Usher song?

I am not on the pumpkin bandwagon. The smell of pumpkin candles repulses me. I think pumpkin spice coffee flavored things are gross. Pumpkin pie is on the bottom of my pie list. Have you ever eaten plain pumpkin? That shit actually is disgusting. And seriously orange is NOT my color.

I am a total directioner aka One Direction fan girl. I mentioned this in Friday Favorites, but I am a total One Direction fan girl. Read that post for my explanation as to why my heart can seem to calm down whenever I listen to them. Harry Styles… I mean swoon, right?! Be still my heart. Try and be still.


I hate milk in my cereal. Soggy cereal is disgusting good gravy I don’t understand the appeal.

My dentist is really hot. It made that filling the other week quite a bit more enjoyable.

Geese scare the absolute shit out of me. Those mean little fuckers are out to get me I swear.

Who else wears headphones in public to avoid people talking to you?

If I’m wearing a hat, chances are it’s because I haven’t washed my hair.


Lol I guess my hair is dirty in this picture and I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Any burning confessions you feel like sharing?

Does anyone else know that Usher song I’m talking about??


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