Thanks for stopping by Running Len’s Life!


Hi! My name’s Ellen, or Len as I like to call myself. Around this blog you’ll find rambles about my day to day life, various rants, food, exercise, and all the other random shit want to talk about.

I am a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and am currently in my junior year of school. I live for family, friends, and my dog; these people are everything to me.

Here’s a couple of other things you should know about me: 1. I would be content with only watching Bravo, ESPN, and The Food Network for the rest of my life 2. I absolutely hate mushrooms, mayonnaise, cucumbers and pickles. 3. Yes, that is my natural hair color.

Where did the name come from? Let’s break it down:

Running~ Duh, the greatest way to form of exercise. I’m biased though.

Len’s~ It’s how I address myself when I talk to myself.

Life~ That’s what this whole thing is about, my life!

Let’s run through life together!

But don’t worry, you’re probably faster than me.

Oh and I swear sometimes so you’ve been warned.


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