Other people’s opinions on your life

Other people’s opinions on your life

The people who are most close to me would say I’m not very good at expressing my feelings which maybe in some part is true. I don’t really like to talk about myself and most of the time I’m happier discussing others, which is why I’m not very expressive at times.

But that’s not the point. The point is, a big reason why I don’t talk much about my feelings or “open up” about my personal life, is because I don’t want the person’s opinion that I’m talking to.

I don’t want to hear their opinion on what I’m doing, what is going on in my life, what they think I should be doing, etc.

Now I can hear you thinking, “Just don’t listen to their opinions, it only matters what your opinion is of yourself!”

Do you know hard it is to ignore the opinion of someone who you care about a lot or who you are super close to? It’s almost impossible. Sure, some person that I don’t know or don’t care about, it is super easy to blow them off. But a family member or a best friend? I can’t just blow their opinions off, because their opinions actually matter to me. Which is why I may seem so closed off at times.

I’m terrified of opening myself up to other people’s opinions and hearing them judge, critique, and scrutinize my life, my decisions, and my choices. I don’t want to feel like I am letting any of my close family and friends down, and that’s all I feel like I’ve been doing. What I have been doing is what is best for me, and it just feels like no one else sees that. Instead, they see what I’m doing as different, and something I shouldn’t be doing because it’s not “normal”.

This is kind of going back to my expectations post. The expectations of those around me feel like they are crushing me. Which I’m ashamed to admit, is why I’ve stopped telling some of the closest people in my life what is going on in my life. Because I can’t take one more dramatic sigh, and then opinion of what I should be doing or what they expected me to do.

That is actually the last thing I need right now. What’s a girl got to do to get a little support around here huh?

I’ll be honest. I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago when I was particularly struggling with everyone’s opinions of me and am now getting the courage to post this. This post isn’t meant to be like a poor me, please pity me post. It was simply to get some thoughts off of my chest and it feels nice to talk (type?) it all out.

Thanks for listening (reading?) haha you know what I’m trying to say.

Have a great day.

Weekly Workout {10/17/15–10/23/15}

Weekly Workout {10/17/15–10/23/15}

Happy Saturday to you! It’s a little bleak around these parts with the rainy and dreary weather, so hopefully you’re having sunshine wherever you are.

As you will see below, I have really been enjoying the fall weather and running Garmin free. I have no idea what distances or paces I’ve been running, I have just been running purely on feel. And it’s awesome. It’s been such a reminder as to why I love running, because I am doing it for fun and not because it’s apart of my schedule for training. I am heart eyed emoji in love with October running. Anyways…

You’ll see the workout that I completed on Monday, I took it more on the basic side since this was my first strength workout in over 3 weeks! Haha and my booty was so sore afterwards. Dear lord I feel weak, but I am excited to work and my muscle and strength back up. Also my biceps and upper back were sore from Wednesday’s workout (not surprisingly). Like I said though, it’s fun to be getting back into the swing of strength training and I’m looking forward to more. Anyways, here’s my weekly workout recap!

Saturday: 50 minute Garmin-less run

Sunday: 70 minute Garmin-less run

Monday: Lower body circuit

leg circuit 10.19.15

Tuesday: 50 minute Garmin-less run

Wednesday: this Shape-Up Circuit

Thursday: 60 minute downtown walk along the canal + 50 minute Garmin-less run after class


Friday: OFF

Have a great day!

These are my confessions… you know like the Usher song?

These are my confessions… you know like the Usher song?

I am not on the pumpkin bandwagon. The smell of pumpkin candles repulses me. I think pumpkin spice coffee flavored things are gross. Pumpkin pie is on the bottom of my pie list. Have you ever eaten plain pumpkin? That shit actually is disgusting. And seriously orange is NOT my color.

I am a total directioner aka One Direction fan girl. I mentioned this in Friday Favorites, but I am a total One Direction fan girl. Read that post for my explanation as to why my heart can seem to calm down whenever I listen to them. Harry Styles… I mean swoon, right?! Be still my heart. Try and be still.


I hate milk in my cereal. Soggy cereal is disgusting good gravy I don’t understand the appeal.

My dentist is really hot. It made that filling the other week quite a bit more enjoyable.

Geese scare the absolute shit out of me. Those mean little fuckers are out to get me I swear.

Who else wears headphones in public to avoid people talking to you?

If I’m wearing a hat, chances are it’s because I haven’t washed my hair.


Lol I guess my hair is dirty in this picture and I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Any burning confessions you feel like sharing?

Does anyone else know that Usher song I’m talking about??

Post Chicago Marathon thoughts + plans

Post Chicago Marathon thoughts + plans

Post Chicago Marathon thoughts:

About an hour after the race, my aunt asked me if I had any regrets. YES —> not putting my name on my shirt! That was my instant response and am glad that was my biggest “issue”.

Would I do anything different in my training though? Honestly, I probably should have added a day of running (I ran 3 times a week) or maybe followed a training plan a little closer. The thing with adding in another day of running (or really any workout) is then it starts to feel like a chore for me. It feels like something I have to do rather than something I want to do. Yes, running is my favorite type of workout, but no that doesn’t mean I want to do it every fucking day.

I was really scared that there was going to be a “what’s next” feeling. Or like I was going to feel disappointed because I had accomplished my goal but wanted more. I’m happy to announce that neither of those are the case! I think honestly it’s because now I can do something else besides marathon training! I can do a leg heavy workout on Thursday or Friday without fear of being sore for Saturday morning. If I don’t want to do cardio at all, I don’t have to. It’s liberating really; I feel like I have so much more freedom now.


I told myself that if I didn’t want to run, then I didn’t have to. Here’s the thing though, I want to run. October and November have the best running weather and I hate missing out on it. This type of weather just makes me want to run. So yes running is still going to be in apart of my weekly workouts.

However, when I was really in the heart of training during the 70-80 degree weather, I had to tell myself anything to get me running. And considering how much I didn’t want to be running in the heat, I decided to go 180 of cardio, and bribe myself with strength. If I could get through marathon training, then I could focus on getting stronger after it was done.

So as of right now, that is the plan. I want to start focusing my workouts around dumbbells, barbells, plates, kettle bells, etc. etc. I want to get stronger, because strength training slowed down this summer, and then essentially stopped during the taper. I want to see definition again in my arms. Haha I mean holy shit I feel scrawny and flappy because I really haven’t worked out my arms in probably 2 months?

I was looking at various online programs and schedules and realized that is not what I want to do. I hate following training plans. That shit just doesn’t work for me, because then it starts to feel like something I have to do rather than something I want to do.

The only “plan” I have going into this is that I want to have a leg day, an arm & shoulder day, and a chest & back day. With some running in there and ab work whenever the hell I feel like it. Which would be never, so I should add that to some of my “days” I guess…

AHHH now I’m not sure. Maybe my “plan” won’t have “days” because then that feels limiting?!

Weekend recap round up

Weekend recap round up

Well good morning. Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend


My dog was whining and barking like the annoying like shit she is (mostly kidding, she was just hyper) so we went for a walk. You can’t really tell in this picture, but I have on my Uggs which I so wish were still acceptable to wear past the age of 14. #RIP. Also necessary was my green tea.


Here she is trying to get as far away from me as possible.


I spent a good majority of my Friday sitting at a Starbucks working on blog work, school work, and some job work. It was such a nice day outside so it was a little painful to have to sit inside and work but what the hell do you expect? Shit won’t get done by itself haha.

The three of us (okay mostly me) ended up watching the new Cinderella that night! I might be biased because Cinderella is my favorite princess, but I loved the movie. The other two did agree that it was “cute” and “good” Bed followed shorty after that.


I had my first post marathon run! I love October running so so much. I did a 50 minute run without my Garmin on, so I have no clue what my pace or distance was. I’m guessing around 5 miles though.


I then headed to my dad and stepmom’s house so we could drive down to IU for some football tailgating! Glorious weather, jello shots, family and friends, great food and beer… what more could I ask for? I also got to see some of one of best friends who goes to school there! All in all it was a fun day spent with fun people.


I was pretty tired when we got home, but was determined for one thing. Frozen yogurt.

This is vanilla, coconut, and cake batter with one walnut on top eaten in bed of course.


Except it was too much and I felt sick afterwards whoops. I fell asleep shortly after that.


I knew I wanted to get another run in, but getting out of my warm bed was no small feat.

Eventually I did get another Garmin-less run in! It was 70 minutes and I’m guessing around 7 miles.

The rest of normal Sunday activities happened consisting of errands, homework, making chili and watching football and checking fantasy all day.

All leading up to the Colts Patriots game! It’s been a nervous and anxious day around these parts, but sadly the Colts lost : (

I hope you guys had a nice weekend, too! Make it a great day.

Weekly Workouts {10/10/15 – 10/16/15}

Weekly Workouts {10/10/15 – 10/16/15}

Just coming off of the marathon, I wanted to take this week light and easy so my body could really recover. Haha and considering that I could hardly walk on Monday and my legs were still feeling it on Tuesday, I didn’t really have a choice. The weather is so sunny and fall-like here, it was really nice to get out for a few walks! I’m pretty pumped to start have more strength focused workouts versus cardio workouts. Although this is the best time of the year to run, so the running workouts won’t be completely gone : ) Here’s a peak at my workouts this past week!

Saturday: OFF



Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 60 minute walk

Thursday: 60 minute walk


Friday: 60 minute walk

Have a great Saturday!

Tips for running the Chicago Marathon (or any large race!)

Tips for running the Chicago Marathon (or any large race!)

Shout out to anyone who has a fall race coming up or if you have already completed one! Hopefully after race day, you’re not left with too many regrets or “I should have done this…” situations. Post Chicago, there are definitely some things I wish I would have done (#1!!) and some things that really helped me throughout the race.

Here are some tips for running the Chicago Marathon or any other large race:

  1. Put your name on your shirt! – This is my biggest regret of my marathon, because people all around me were getting cheered on because they had their name on their shirt. Especially with the number of spectators at Chicago (1.5 million+ !!), it would have been so fun to have had my name yelled along the way. I don’t care how you do it; iron on letters, duct tape + sharpie, an old race bib.. just do it!
  2. Get water from the cups towards the end of the table – there are going to be a lot of people who are trying to get water and they stop right in the beginning. Go to the end of the table and you’ll be way less congested.
  3. Have your spectators hold an object taller than everyone else – my amazing aunt walked around all day with a turtle balloon tied to her wrist so I would be able to spot my family quickly! The only tricky part was the wind, because she said sometimes the turtle wanted to smack people in the face… Other great ideas would be an open umbrella, a fat head, or I even saw someone tie a stuffed animal to a yard stick. Hey, whatever will get your attention right?
  4. Know where your family, friends, S/O’s are going to be – if I wouldn’t have known that my family was going to be at miles 4, 11, and 19, then I would have missed them in the crowds!  It’s also really fun to know where they’ll be, because then it gives you something to think about while you’re racing, which can be huge mentally. It is for me at least.
  5. Read all of the ridiculous signs and interact with the spectators – some of my favorite signs from the Chicago Marathon: “smile if you masturbate” “you’re hot… single?” “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 26.2” “let’s get drunk”. It is so much fun to not only read all the hilarious signs, but then to laugh and point at them which gets you engaged with the spectators. It’s nice to share a laugh or smile with someone when you’re basically not interacting with people for hours while you’re running.
  6. Wear sunscreen – Yes this is for any race haha not just a large one, but considering I forgot it seems important to add to this list. Now I am sporting a sexy tank top tan. Luckily it’s fall so no one will see…

Ok guys that’s about all I’ve got for you. I’m heading to the IU football tailgate tomorrow and then the Colts-Patriots game is on Sunday night! Have a great and safe weekend, I hope the weather is as gorgeous for you as it is here!

What are your tips for running a large race?