Weekly Workout {10/17/15–10/23/15}

Weekly Workout {10/17/15–10/23/15}

Happy Saturday to you! It’s a little bleak around these parts with the rainy and dreary weather, so hopefully you’re having sunshine wherever you are.

As you will see below, I have really been enjoying the fall weather and running Garmin free. I have no idea what distances or paces I’ve been running, I have just been running purely on feel. And it’s awesome. It’s been such a reminder as to why I love running, because I am doing it for fun and not because it’s apart of my schedule for training. I am heart eyed emoji in love with October running. Anyways…

You’ll see the workout that I completed on Monday, I took it more on the basic side since this was my first strength workout in over 3 weeks! Haha and my booty was so sore afterwards. Dear lord I feel weak, but I am excited to work and my muscle and strength back up. Also my biceps and upper back were sore from Wednesday’s workout (not surprisingly). Like I said though, it’s fun to be getting back into the swing of strength training and I’m looking forward to more. Anyways, here’s my weekly workout recap!

Saturday: 50 minute Garmin-less run

Sunday: 70 minute Garmin-less run

Monday: Lower body circuit

leg circuit 10.19.15

Tuesday: 50 minute Garmin-less run

Wednesday: this Shape-Up Circuit

Thursday: 60 minute downtown walk along the canal + 50 minute Garmin-less run after class


Friday: OFF

Have a great day!

Weekly Workouts {10/3/15 – 10/9/15}

Weekly Workouts {10/3/15 – 10/9/15}

Saturday: 5.5 mile run

Sunday: OFF

Monday:  60 minute walk

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: morning walk with my dog & 60 minute walk later on

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: 3 mile run

Have a great Saturday!


Monday makes me random

Monday, Monday, Monday. Actually I’m pumped about today, because of the weather delay in Scotland, The Open is on today! I know what I’m doing all day…

How was your weekend? Holy hell was it hot here. Between the humidity and the actual heat, it felt like you could cut the air with a knife it was so thick.

Because of said humidity and heat, I started my run at 5:15 on Saturday morning. Woof.

My day actually started on a productive note because of golf. I usually sit on my porch with breakfast and coffee until 10:30-11 and then workout around 11:30-12. But I didn’t want to miss the tee times this morning so I got my workout in way earlier than usual! Go Len.

I did 5 rounds of tabatas that focused my legs. Sumo squats with alternating leg raises, single leg squats, side lunges, reverse lunge, and squats. Followed with some ab work. Short and sweet but highly effective. My buns can attest to that.


I also started a load of laundry!

Okay so this post was all over the place. But why are you reading if you expected something else?

Apparently I’m sassy on Mondays.

Ok. Bye now.

Weekly Workouts {7/11/15–7/17-15}

Weekly Workouts {7/11/15–7/17-15}

Saturday: 10 mile marathon training run

Sunday: OFF

Monday: am: leg tabatas pm: 3.5 mile (faster) run

Tuesday: 1 round of arm/ab circuit ~ I ended up helping a friend move into his house for school

Wednesday: am: 3 (hard) miles pm: tabatas

Thursday: hill repeats & core work

Friday: OFF

Hope you guys are having a great Saturday and have some fun plans on tap for tomorrow, too!

Weekly Workouts {5/16/15–5/22/15}

Weekly Workouts {5/16/15–5/22/15}

Saturday: Geist half marathon!!

Sunday: OFF

Monday: OFF ~ I ended up going to a friend’s softball game after work when I received the invitation to go around lunchtime. I didn’t get home until 7:45 and hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Food > working out.

Tuesday: 5 mile run ~ 8:49 pace & 30 minute bike ride

Wednesday: Tumbling class

Thursday: 5 rounds of tabatas

Friday: 5 mile run ~ 8:49 pace

I don’t usually like to take two rest days back to back, because I get a antsy. Oh well sometimes it happens and you got to learn to roll it! Something I have to remind myself constantly about eating and working out, you can’t control everything, and everything isn’t going to be “perfect” all of the time!

Have a great long weekend!

Weekly Workouts {5/9–5/15}

Weekly Workouts {5/9–5/15}

Saturday: 3 mile bike ride & 3 mile walk

Sunday: 20 minute strength workout for runners

Monday: Greatist WOD x2

  • I signed up to receive the Greatist Workout of the Days so I completed one full one (jumping lunges, handstand hold, burpees) and modified another to make it 5 rounds and 5 reps of pushups, lateral burpees, and situps vs. 7 rounds and 7 reps of each.

Tuesday: 8 mile run ~ 8:57 pace


Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Hill repeats

Friday: OFF

I would have liked to included one more strength session this week. That is my goal to strength train twice a week, but clearly it doesn’t happen all the time. Alas.

We had family friends in town, so it was a great weekend for us. Hope it was for you too!